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Do I Need A Wheel Alignment with New Tires?

Posted at Mon, Jan 11, 2021 2:15 PM


Do I Need A Wheel Alignment with New Tires?

Taking care of your vehicle is vital to keep it functioning and durable for a long period of time. Every part plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of your vehicle. Among all, tires are the most crucial part; it is essential to continuously check the tread depth and rotate them at regular intervals to keep the balance.

When you are buying new tires, you need to keep in mind a lot of things. One of the important things that you cannot skip while buying new tires is the need for an alignment. So, does your vehicle need alignment or not? Let’s figure it out.

What is Wheel Alignment?

It refers to the adjustment of the suspension that connects your vehicle to the tire. A wheel alignment will always assure that the tires are meeting at the proper angle of the road. It simply adjusts the wheel’s angle for a safer and durable ride.

Do you Need an Alignment with your New Tire?

It is one of the common queries everyone has in their mind before buying a new tire. Though a wheel alignment is not necessary with a new tire, it can make a great addition to the vehicle system. It will make sure all the four tires are aligned in the perfect angle while driving on the road.

If you did not get the alignment right with the new tire, there are chances you might experience a rough ride. There have been instances where the lack of alignment led to uneven tire wear that decrease the tire life. Going for a cheap tire to save the cost won’t be a smart option, as you need to change them every now and then.

How Frequently do you Need an Alignment?

There are many conceptions regarding the alignment, but there is a general rule of thumb that states you must change the alignment once in a year. However, checking your owner’s manual and getting a clear idea regarding the alignment would be a much better option.

In case you drive in extreme conditions or prefer off-roading, you might need alignment every now and then, particularly when you start to experience:

  • Vehicle veering from side to side
  • Flopping noise while driving
  • Jarring of vehicle whenever hitting a pothole

Why Are Wheel Alignments Important?

It is quite natural to have this question if you have been asked to get alignment with a new tire. Basically, the alignment will help you in saving a lot more money than you might have spent on repairing the vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, misaligned tires can bring you trouble and lead to shortening the tire life. Another major drawback of misalignment is the decrease in gas mileage, at least by 10%, which is a severe setback for a wonderful driving experience.

Wheel Alignment Equals to Better Driving Experience

Your tires need to be aligned with the road angle to provide you with a safer and comfortable ride. Never think of skipping the alignment part whenever you are getting a new tire. Not just a single tire, you must align all the four tires whenever necessary. There’s nothing compared to a comfortable and fulfilling ride, and that can be made possible with your right wheel alignment on time.

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